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Fake dick lmfao 6 years ago
His dick so small he gotta use this fake shit.
Fake 6 years ago
Fake as fuck
Trump 6 years ago
wtf 6 years ago
that so faking fake
Hilarious 6 years ago
The anger expressed in some of the comments are worth a look.
Fucking fake dick 6 years ago
His dick is not moving or sth it just stand in one place. A real dick when s1 toch ot suck it it will moving but his dick is not moving. His dick is fake and fake ass too. When I first watch it I’m like omfg wow he got a big dick but when Im watching is a few sec I’m like oh why his dick is not moving it’s just stay and my head is told me that this dick is fake fucking fake ass.
Lol 6 years ago
Omg the fakest shit ever man.
marvo 6 years ago
23:15... "did you nut? He. He. He. He. she came doggg.." ha ha
This chick is so fine, but what the fuck is this weirdo talking about?! Awkwardly sliding his face into frame. No one tryin to look or hear your dumbass talk!. Fool is so awkward and says the dumbest shit.
Job 6 years ago
Seriously this shit want us to believe that shit like it attached to his ass
Sex 6 years ago
Fake ass dick